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Residence 1 Now Sold Out!

Thank You to everyone who has invested in the Triple Crown Community and purchased a condominium. All 46 units in Residence 1 are now sold.

Those of you who were not ready to buy, or who are waiting for the next phase of condominiums, stay tuned. We will be announcing details soon.

Now that you’ve put a deposit down for your new condominium, make sure you make yourself aware of some expenses you will need to set aside some money to pay before the day that you close if you’re living in or renting your unit.

Closing costs

GST is included with the rebate going to the seller. If the buyer is not living in the unit and not eligible for the rebate they must pay the rebate portion on top of the Selling price. Property Transfer Tax (PTT) is similar in that it is included if you are living in the unit. Those not living in the unit they must pay the PTT on top of the Selling price net of the GST.

You will need insurance for the unit whether living in it or renting it out.

Utility Hook ups. When you purchase a new home, the utilities must be connected for the first time. These include Terassen for gas, BC hydro, and Shaw or Telus for cable and internet.

Legal Fees to your lawyer. Depending on your lawyer, fees for legal costs such as conveyancing can generally run $1000 to $1250. Ask Todd or Justine for referrals if you need one.

Welcome to Your New Community

If you are not already familiar with Langford, you will soon find yourself amidst a vibrant, family friendly community - the fastest growing municipality in the Capital Regional District. As the city has evolved, it has incorporated the natural beauty of the environment, encouraged outdoor recreation, promoted residential development and welcomed business and retail organizations. 

It’s all part of why the Triple Crown Community is a winning community!

Local Amenities:
·         Bear Mountain
·         All Fun Recreation Park
·         Cineplex Odeon Westshore
·         Highland Pacific Golf
·         Langford Lanes Bowling
·         Juan de Fuca Recreation
·         Olympic View
·         Q Arena
·         Royal Colwood Golf
·         Royal Roads University
·         Westhills Arena
·         Western Speedway
·         YMCA

Natural Spaces:
·         Florence Lake
·         Glen Lake
·         Langford Lake
·         Goldstream Provincial Park
·         Mill Hill
·         Mount Wells
·         Thetis Lake Regional Parks
·         Strachan Trail
·         Galloping Goose Trail

Big Box Stores:
·         The Brick
·         Best Buy
·         Capital Iron
·         Costco
·         Market on Millstream
·         Home Depot
·         Home Sense
·         Golf Town
·         Superstore
·         Save On Foods
·         Walmart

It’s a lot to look forward to. Enjoy all the benefits our community has to offer, and we’ll be in touch again soon.


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